Thursday, July 2, 2015

Five Benefits of Bottled Water

Five benefits of bottled-water

Doctors have long espoused the medical necessity of making sure humans drink enough water every day. Drinking that water from a bottle offers far more advantages than whatever comes out of the tap. For instance, drinking a trusted brand of bottled water is likely to be more pure than tap water and offer a more refreshing experience.

Below are five more pragmatic benefits to bottled vs tap water.

Regulate your intake
As stated above, doctors recommend a daily intake of water every day, six, eight-ounce installments to be exact. Bottles come in all shape and sizes, but if you stick with one brand for the entire day, it’s easy to make sure you stay on track.

Bottles give you the opportunity to liven up your regular eight-ounce fluid installment by drinking flavor-enhanced water. Whether you get something pre-flavored from your favorite label, or if you want to add your own water-enhancement, it’s a simple way to add more taste and make sure you stick with your regimen.

Ease of use
Bottles are ubiquitous! You can stock them in your fridge, or stop by any corner store to get one on the go. They fit in your bag, purse, satchel, brief case or even in your hand! No more hunting for the nearest public water fountain of dubious cleanliness. And when you’re done, you can toss the bottle in the nearest recycling bin.

Pure as Pure can be
Unlike what comes out of your tap, bottled water doesn’t contain repugnant odors like chlorine, sulfur, or whatever else might be lurking in your city’s municipal water supply. Bottled-water is also free of unexpected metallic tastes. As mentioned above, the only flavoring in bottled water is what you decide to put in there.

Disaster readiness

You never know when or where disaster will strike, or if you might need to flee your home. If something happens to disrupt public utilities, tap water might not even be an option. In America, the Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends having at least three days of bottled water stored for every member of the household in case disaster hits.