Friday, March 28, 2014

Norland's Triton 450
An interview with Billy Cotter.

Billy Cotter.

-When was Amacola Bottled Water Company established?

It was as founded in 2001. Our 565 foot artesian well was drilled in May of 2002. Shortly thereafter we received our permit to bottle Artesian Spring Water from the State of Georgia. 

I operated the business for 6 years and sold it in 2008. In 2013, I decided to purchase the business back. After acquiring the business, I noticed the previous owners had purchased Norland equipment for their small bottle operation and moved the Italian made filling equipment I had previously owned to the side. Obviously I had questions as to why they made that decision, but after operating the Norland equipment, for just a short time, I came to understand why.  Within a few months of operating the Norland equipment, I purchased the Norland Triton 450and RackStacker 600. I consider this combination to be the most preeminent 5 gallon bottling equipment available.

-What first brought you to Norland and why did you choose the Norland Triton 450?

Having repurchased the business I previously sold. I inherited the Norland SpectraPak lines and blow molding unit.  This allowed me to get to know the Norland products very well and see them in action. I also was able to work with the people in Lincoln, Nebraska and I came to understand their dedication to the customer. Working with Bruce and Chris at Norland, I realized the people in Nebraska really know what they are doing. Not only that, but what really interested me was their efforts to move the industry forward, with great service and innovated ideas. The experience and knowledge I gained from my dealings with Norland and their team, lead me to my decision to purchase the Norland TR450 3 & 5 gallon filler and RS600 rack loader.

-How user friendly did you find the Triton 450?

It was easy to set up. The computer, which is the brain of the Triton 450, makes everything simple to operate and work with. The owner’s manual is well organized, very thorough and easy to follow. It’s great that Norland uses actual machine photographs, with component call-outs, to help the user understand nearly every part of their equipment.

-What are the main benefits of operating the Triton 450?

The Triton’s ability to produce TR450 / 3 or 5 gallon bottles per hour is huge advantage to our business because of the equipment’s productivity. When you incorporate a Triton 450 with the Rackstacker600, the labor savings and reduction of liability issues combine to make a very efficient and powerful package.

-Would you recommend Norland’s products and service to other looking to purchase filling equipment?

Absolutely! If somebody called me on the phone and asked me, what I thought of the TR450 and RackStacker600,I would definitely tell them this is the product you need to buy. The Triton 450 and the RackStacker 600 go hand in hand. Who wants to load bottles all day by back breaking physical labor?


-Is there anything you would like to add this interview, we did not cover?

Yes, I know this unrelated to the Triton450 and RackStacker, but I also own a Norland Liberty 150 Unscrambler and it is one of the finest pieces of equipment we have. I guess what I’m trying to say I; I’m extremely happy that I have Norland equipment. Norland’s product line is put together very well.