Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Norland’s Water Bottling Systems and Technology is a Match for New York Customer (continued)

Norland’s RackStacker is designed for the small to medium-sized bottling business to make large-bottle (3-5 GAL./11.4-18.9 L) rack loading much easier, faster and safer. The fully automatic RackStacker eliminates manual lifting and loading, allowing you to load up to 600 bottles per hour (bph). It takes about 4 minutes to load a 40-bottle rack, for example.

The system can be set up to convey bottles from the production line directly to the RackStacker for quick loading and transport to storage.

Norland’s RackStacker is designed especially to integrate easily into a complete production line, such as Norland’s TritonLine™ series of turnkey 3- to 5-gallon bottling systems.

The RackStacker is also easily compatible with most other large-bottle production systems. The four-bottle loading deck can be adjusted to fit most rack sizes and configurations.

The system is easy to use. A PLC control panel monitors all functions and displays operational modes.

Bottles enter the RackStacker four at a time, where they are tilted backwards to a horizontal position, then moved to the loading station. A proprietary alignment feature keeps bottles from rolling, so they can be placed into the rack accurately. Both steel or plastic racks are compatible with the system and are interchangeable during a run.

Fran’s team found the ease of learning Norland’s technology and bottling systems.  “With no experience prior we were up and running immediately.  Norland’s staff stayed with us for a couple of days and that’s all it took,” Fran reported.  As for how the Norland systems have been operating for them, Fran was more than pleased.  “I got to tell you, this machine (Triton 450) has run great from day one.  Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had a few normal repairs due to wear over time, but no out of the ordinary break downs.  We fill 3 and 5 gallon bottles.  This machine and the RackStacker have taken my production time down 55%.  I don’t worry about a worker getting a hurt back anymore with the RackStacker, and I can literally run this machine by myself in half the time that it took 4 employees with our old line.”

Dowser Springs has been bottling with Norland systems now for over 8 years.  They made a strategic decision when getting started to capitalize on the best technology and automation available for their needs to maximize their operational efficiency and profits.  And Norland International has helped them realize their goals.