Thursday, November 21, 2013

Norland’s Water Bottling Systems and Technology is a Match for New York Customer (continued)

The TritonLine Model 450 features a floor-level high capacity hopper that holds approximately 1500 caps, making the refill process a twice-a-shift operation. An elevator automatically carries caps up to the pneumatically assisted cap sorter.

System Features
1. Handles multiple-sized bottles with no manual adjustments (3-5 gal., 11.4-18.9 L).

2. Stainless steel piping used throughout, providing longevity, durability and virtually eliminating maintenance.

3. Pre-stretched stainless steel drive chains ride on self-lubricating UHMW support guides to eliminate risk of grease contamination.

4. Easy to hook up: just two supply water connections and two drains.
5. Washer and filler use same electrical connection.