Thursday, November 14, 2013

Norland’s Water Bottling Systems and Technology is a Match for New York Customer (continued)

The workhorses of the Dowser Spring Water Company’s bottling plant are the Norland Triton 450 Automatic Bottle Washer, Filler and Capper and the Rackstacker. The Triton 450 automatically washes, fills and caps 3-to 5 gallon water bottles of virtually any style simultaneously without the need for any hand-sorting or equipment adjustments.  The Triton 450 washes, fills and caps up to 450 bottles an hour.  The system has been designed by Norland engineers for maximum efficiency and ease of operation.  Stainless steel piping is used throughout the equipment, providing longevity, durability and low maintenance.

Pre-stretched stainless steel drive chains ride on self-lubricating UHMW support guides to eliminate risk of grease contamination. Just two supply water connections and two drains are required, making installation easy. Additionally, both washer and filler units operate from the same electrical connection. Over-sized filter screens at the pre-wash, wash and sanitize tanks minimize screen cleaning requirements, virtually eliminating downtime for pump maintenance.
Norland’s multi-function Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) provides immediate digital readout quickly and easily. Bottle-positioning controls sense faults and alert the operator to any problems. Stack lighting indicators show operating conditions at a