Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bottled Water-An Industry Update

Bottled water consumption and sales growth in the US in 2012 was the strongest it's been in the past five years, as consumers continue to make their voices heard in the marketplace.  Beverage Marketing Corporations (BMC) reports that total US bottled water consumption increased to a record 9.67 billion gallons (36 billion liters), up 6.2 percent from 2011.  In addition, the per-capita consumption of 30.8 gallons (116.5 liters) was up 5.63 percent in 2012.  Bottle water increased in absolute volume more that any other beverage category in the US and sales increased by 6.7 percent, now totaling $11.8 billion (USD).

When compared to other package beverage categories, it becomes clear that bottled water's growth can be attributed to a 'shift-in-consumption' trend, with the soft-drink category experiencing its eighth consecutive year of volume loss.  BMC CEO Michael Bellas predicts that bottled water could overtake soda as America's most popular packaged beverage within the next decade.  According to BMC's Gary Hemphill, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, "All signs point to US consumsumers' already displayed thirst for bottled water continuing in the years ahead.  Changes in per capita consumption indicate persistent interest in a product that consumers embrace as a healthful alternative to other beverages."


Source: Water Condition and Purification September 2013