Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Fulfilling the potential of bottled water (continued)

Consumers have become increasingly conscious of health issues, and their habits are changing as a result.  Manufacturers are looking to maximize the benefits of naturally occuring waters, sometimes by adding ingredients to further enhance rehydration properties.  Also, personal and general social mobility is increasing, leading to a growing demand for smaller on-the-go bottles.

Investment decisions often are made for later in the marketing process, usually resulting in the urgent need to get any new product to market quickly.  This truncated process and the need for sustainable operation equipment effectiveness are the main challenges facing producers and bottles in today's water market.

The different elements of standardized solutions need to be anticipated.  This will sustain efficiency across the longer term, with the early transfer of skills to the customer's operators allowing them to manage the production line autonomously post-handover.

Source:  Beverage Industry July 2013