Friday, July 5, 2013

Promotional water offers a variety of benefits

There is no doubt that water is the most popular form of beverage, which is consumed on a daily basis. Due to the popularity of water and the ever present desire from the consumer for differing options, the fact is that water is now available in a wide variety of options including flavoured water as well as still or sparkling varieties. However, bottled water can also be utilised for marketing purposes, and is becoming an extremely popular way of promoting a business, event or brand.

From a marketing perspective, bottled water offers a unique and unrivalled means of promotion. Whether at an event such as a conference or trade show, or simply within a company’s showroom, own labelled bottle water is an excellent marketing tool. One of the leading providers of promotional water and energy cans is the aptly named Water 24-7 Ltd, whose online presence can be found at, within which is detailed an impressive array of options including wholesale bottled water.

Within their website, the visitor is able to access a wealth of information on the various forms of promotional bottled wholesale water and energy cans available. Whether looking for plastic or glass bottles, still or sparkling the options are all available. Typically a bottle of water is carried around by the individual for around 50 minutes, as few will consume the water in one go. In addition, generally bottled water is taken home, often utilised again and again by means of refilling, which means that from a marketing perspective few items can deliver the same level of exposure. In relation to branding, Water 24-7 utilise state of the art digital printing facilities to create stunning and aesthetically appealing label designs, which further add to the appeal of this promotional opportunity.

Most would agree that in terms of marketing, bottled water is an excellent product as it is consumed frequently and therefore offers a simple means of getting a marketing message across at an affordable price and coupled with the branding opportunities afforded by Water 24-7, in relation to branded bottled water, when it comes to looking at the options available for promotional water, the choice is a simple one.

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