Thursday, May 30, 2013

The perfect bottle needs the perfect label!

The perfect bottle needs the perfect label!

Posted on May 30, 2013 by Hillary of Quick Label Systems

QuickLabel’s inkjet printers are ideal for companies who wish to print their own water bottle labels, and we have served such companies for more than a decade! As the label is a necessary component, the equipment which bottles the water is just as important. For this reason, QuickLabel’s friend and partner, Norland International is a good name to know!

threebottlesAlong with the use of a Norland system, a Kiaro! Inkjet printer has the ability to print custom labels for each company’s personal use of the system, which is why our two companies fit together so well!

I had the pleasure of asking Norland International’s Vice President of Sales, Bruce Kucera, a few questions about his innovative company and the growing water bottling industry.


Bruce Kucera, Norland Internationl’s Vice President of Sales

What to know about Norland International

Bruce Kucera told me that Norland is a USA based manufacturer that installs, services, and warranties all of their products. Norland customers are able to utilize just one company for all their equipment needs, which allows them to be freed of the challenges associated with dealing with several different suppliers. This ultimately allows the customer to focus solely on producing and selling their bottled water, rather than worrying about equipment maintenance.


Norland International has been marketing to and servicing bottled water plants for over 20 years, with 65% of their installations being worldwide. The company is very knowledgeable about how to build durable equipment, and how to service it. Norland understands the entire scope of requirements for a bottling plant, from beginning the process at treating the source of water, to loading the finished goods onto a truck.

Norland’s systems are designed to meet the needs of today’s high-demand water bottling costumers. With opportunities in the water bottling business growing rapidly, the use of a Norland water bottling system in either a small or large business will greatly benefit a water bottler’s profits.

What to know before purchasing a water bottling system

Many prospective entrepreneurs in the water bottling industry need to be aware of information about the competitive market they are about to enter. According to Bruce Kucera, before purchasing a Norland International water bottling system, information customers should know about their marketing and customer range include: the amount of competition in their marketing area, what production capacities they are seeking to achieve, and what market advantages they envision for their product.

norlandsystem Since Norland International has many different systems to choose from, it is important for their customers to purchase the system that will best meet their needs. In order to do so, they must be aware of which size bottles they plan to produce, what type of water they wish to produce, where they can be supplied with bottle caps, labels, and any other necessary supplies.

Print your own bottled water labels!

In this health-conscious age, the popularity of bottled water is growing larger by the day. With people preferring bottled water over sugary drinks, bottlers are working to meet the rising demand of their customers.

bottlesandkiaro Along with the use of a water bottling system, the Kiaro! inkjet printer allows bottlers to do more than simply supply water. Now, they can turn their bottles into personalized billboards!

When using the Kiaro! to create personalized labels, companies can give away water bottles with their information on it at trade shows, sell them at retail stores, or even sporting events. Not only do customers receive a bottle of water, but they also become aware of the brand it is coming from.

The Kiaro! makes it easy for water bottlers to instantly print as many, or as few customized labels as necessary. It is simple to create, change, and print custom bottle labels in just minutes, as the logos, photos, and messages are created on the computer and print in seconds.

The efficiency of personalized water bottles is not strictly available for the use of companies. Personally labeled water bottles are also popular party favors for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and many other special occasions, making the use of a water bottling system even more effective!

Staying Ahead of the bottled water industry

Since the early days of private labeled bottle water, Norland has been on the cutting edge of many industry shifts, trends, and adaptations to new technologies, such as the use of biodegradable materials. Their goal is to continuously scout new opportunities to share their unique ideas, and investigate ways in order to always help their customers.


The Engineering Department at Norland is dedicated to exploring new avenues of savings for their electrical, plumbing, and consumables for their customers. Norland continuously attends exhibitions and trade shows in order to learn new industry trends, methods, and approaches to increase revenue and decrease costs. The company also spends a significant amount of time on research and development. This is necessary in order to allow the company to offer the wide range of products that they do, and to remain competitive with foreign manufacturers whose products are often inferior with service, or sometimes even nonexistent.     

If water isn’t what you’re looking for..

Along with Norland’s demand for water bottling systems, they have also entered the beer bottling industry. As a division of Norland International, American Beer Equipment (known as A.B.E. for short) is a manufacturer and supplier of beer brewing and canning equipment. They supply full production lines and components for both well established and start-up breweries.

Similar to Norland International’s water bottling systems, American Beer Equipment provides the complete beer brewing system, from canning lines to fermentation tanks. They work together with their customers to create a supply chain for all their brewing and canning needs, including cans, grains, and beer labels (for which the Kiaro! label printer is often used).

As the “craft beer” industry is quickly escalating, the purchase of an A.B.E. system provides the complete source for brewing and canning solutions. A.B.E also produces a range of systems that accommodate from a 3 barrel system to a 60 barrel system. A.B.E follows the same business model that Norland International does, which allows customers and prospects to trust the dependability of their products.

Norland International and Kiaro! work hand in hand

According to Bruce, Norland hosts around 10-15 prospects each month. During these vists, the company spends time discussing private label opportunities, in which the Kiaro! is the main component

Norland International believes that the Kiaro! is ideal for printing bottled water labels. Bruce said that the Kiaro! is excellent because, “It’s easy to use, prints wonderfully and the quality is consistent.”

norlandallsizebottles  He went on to say that the Kiaro!’s capability of printing labels in short runs for small orders makes it affordable to print your own water bottle labels. Kucera also admired that the Kiaro! prints photos clearly onto labels, and that the “small print” text is very easy to read.

Working with QuickLabel Systems

Norland International is excited to team up with QuickLabel Systems to offer this money-making opportunity to water bottlers. Eric Anderson, QuickLabel’s Regional Sales Manager in Nebraska, has worked with Norland since 2001. Anderson said that his customers who also use Norland bottling systems tell him that provides a quality product, and reliably supports it as well.

Anderson is well aware of the benefits that come along with using a Kiaro! Inkjet label printer, especially for water bottlers. He said that, “The ability to add a message to a commodity that everybody needs on a daily basis allows smaller bottlers to compete against the high volume, mass merchandisers, and still make a profit.”

He continued saying that, “The Kiaro! has given customers the ability to print virtually any type of artwork in short runs very economically.”


Kucera said, “Because we’ve owned a QuickLabel Systems product for several years, I can say that service has always been responsive and timely. We’ve always appreciated the help of Eric Anderson and look forward to working with him and the entire organization on the years to come.”

We look forward to seeing the growth of this partnership, and seeing more of our customized labels on water bottles all around!