Monday, May 13, 2013

Introducing A.B.E.- American Beer Equipment

Norland International has been a cornerstone in the water treatment and bottling equipment

industry for over 20 years, specializing in Turn-key bottling plants all over the world. We have

helped hundreds of entrepreneurs on 6 continents realize their dream of profiting from

production of bottled drinking water. As entrepreneurs ourselves, our thirst for new innovation,

challenges and development has lead us to a new opportunity in a booming industry. Craft


Norland is proud to announce and unveil our new division called (A.B.E.) an acronym for

American Beer Equipment. A.B.E. will follow the Norland business model of the complete

source for world-class brewing and canning solutions. Our products include complete Brew

Houses and Brewpub systems from 3 barrel capacity to 60 barrel capacity. We provide a full

range of fermentation tanks, brite beer tanks; hot/cold liquor tanks and CIP systems to

complete your turnkey brewery.