Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hydration Key to Preventing Heat Injuries (continued)

Whenever a person starts to indicate signs of heat exhaustion, such as heavy sweating, rapid breathing or weak pulse, it it time to rest and rehydrate before the situation worsens.

Adequate hydration  is needed before activities.  It's not just having the water while you're doing it, but your body takes time to hydrate itself.  So fluids should be drank before going out and doing activities.

A severe heat-related injury can result in long-lasting effects, such as brain damage or even death. A lot of people don't realize medications have a lot to do with things.  Like Benedryl for example, dehydrates quite a bit.

Don't take salt tablets.  Old-school people still believe that they've got to take a lot of salt during the day through the summer, and it's bad for you.  There are sports drinks that give you the right level of electrolytes, which is what is needed.

Source: www.fortcampbellcourier.com