Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hydration Key to Preventing Heat Injuries

May is here.  The end of school is approaching, and along with it, summer vacation and an increase in outside activities.

No matter what your plans for these upcoming warmer months, heat safety should remain a top priority for all of us.

A few simple tips can help people prevent heat injuries while they enjoy playing or working outdoors this summer.  Water, shade and rest are all vital when remaining in the heat for long periods.  Drinking enough water and getting enough work-rest cycle time is crucial. 

Doing outside activities, such as exercise or yard work, in the early morning or evening will help avoid possible cases of heatstroke or heat exhaustion.  Heatstroke can turn into a serious medical emergency very quickly.

You feel cool to the touch.  You're not sweating, but you should be, because your  body's not cooling itself.  If you're in a real hot environment, and you stop sweating, then there's a real problem.  You start to feel slushed. Redness of your skin, dizziness is always one of the signs.


Source: The Fort Campbell Courier