Tuesday, April 16, 2013

An interview with A.W. Yusuh from De Amazon Table Water in Nigeria (continued)

3. How many years have you been in the water bottling business and what prompted you to get into this business?

I have been in this business for about four years now. I chose the water industry as a result of my research and interaction with people. It seemed like a very rewarding opportunity and I am happy to say that I have not been disappointed.

4. How did you first learn of Norland International and what helped you decide to invest in Norland equipment for use at your plant?

I found out about Norland through a friend who already had a link with Norland and had very positive things to say about the Norland personnel and their equipment. And I decided to use Norland as my supplier because of the ruggedness and sturdiness of their equipments.