Friday, February 22, 2013

An Interview with "JP", from the great state of Texas, USA (continued)

Norland - Why did you choose Norland as your supplier?

JP –“Reputation, sales staff, quality of equipment, size of equipment and the functionality of the

Norland - Would you recommend Norland services or products to others?

JP –“Yes, everyone I talk to.”

Norland - Is there anything else you’d like to add?

JP –“Yes there is one thing I’d like to add and that is the service past the sale, beyond the sale
however you want to say it. Whether it’s from Engineering, Technicians, Sales, or the Staff at Norland
there is no one that can touch Norland's personal touch. I do business with a lot of different people and
there’s not enough being stated about that fact. No matter if you have a problem or you think you have a problem, you may have a problem.

Whatever your issue is you can call anybody at Norland and they are more than happy to take care of
you. If you have an issue with a part or whatever the need is, you’re going to have it the next day. The
reason I can say this is because we were running the day after Thanksgiving and I had an issue come up.
I called up a service tech at 4:00am in the morning on the day after Thanksgiving on a Friday. I talked to the guy for three hours, he fixed my problem. The day after Thanksgiving at four o’clock in the
morning. Now I want you to think about that for a minute…… you with me? That speaks volumes
about the lengths that Norland's people will go to in order to take care of their customers. Somebody
always picks up the phone and they handle my problems and you cannot put a price on that kind of

Norland - Thank you JP for talking with us.