Friday, February 15, 2013

An Interview with "JP", from the great state of Texas, USA (continued)

Norland- What do you like most about Norland and using Norland products?

JP –“Everything, you told me to be honest and it has been a very pleasant experience.”

Norland - What were your perceptions about using a blow molder? That is, did you have any

preconceived notions or anything of that nature?

JP –“What it all boils down to is, the number one thing, we were trying to improve our margins.

We looked at various aspects of whether it was something we wanted to take on. I do all of the

maintenance on all of our equipment so it had to be something that didn’t tie up my day and overwhelm

me with issues. It appeared the benefits outweighed the negatives and it was just time to make that


Norland - Have your perceptions changed since purchasing and using the blow molder?

JP –“Yes. Operating the blow molder is not as entailed on my part as I figured it would be. It’s

more of you turn it on and it runs. It’s no different than any other piece of equipment as long as it is

maintained and you are able to run it. Once you get past the initial couple of weeks and some of the

operator errors we encountered, it’s a very simple piece of equipment to operate. It doesn’t take

anymore of my time than any other piece of equipment. It’s no different than a filler or a capper or