Wednesday, February 13, 2013

An Interview with "JP", from the great state of Texas, USA (continued)

Norland - Where did your bottles come from before buying the Blow Molder from Norland?

JP –“We bought bottles from a bottle manufacturer and had the bottles shipped into our

location. This was an ever increasing burden to the company’s bottom line. When buying the bottles,

we had very little control over the quality and cost of the bottles. Norland showed us how to cut the

costs on bottles, shipping and waste. In addition, we have been able to gain control over the design and

inventory of our bottles.”

Norland - What brought you to Norland initially?

JP –“Research. My father and I had been looking at blow molders for about two years prior. I’m

analytical by nature. We were looking for a solution that would allow us to reduce our bottle cost. I

researched all of the different types, sizes and costs of blow molding equipment and what best suited

our needs. Norland was the company that offered a product that fit our individual needs, being that we

are not a massive bottler but we are not a very small one either.”