Wednesday, January 23, 2013

An Interview with Harold Grall-Pure Element Bottled Water- Texas, USA (continued)

5. You are using a Norland SpectraPak 3000 in your operations. How has the system been operating for you and what bottle sizes are produced?

A: We are currently bottling two different volumes, and four different bottle sizes. The system has been operating well; we have had a few challenges along the way but have been able to work through them. We have very few breakdowns or part replacement and most of our issues are with setting up the equipment for various bottle sizes.

6. How has the “after the sale” service that Norland has provided you with been? Do you get answers to your questions in a timely fashion?

A: It has been wonderful, we never have to wait very long to get help from Norland technicians. They always seem to be happy to help you. I feel like I know most of them personally.