Wednesday, January 16, 2013

An Interview with Harold Grall-Pure Element Bottled Water- Texas, USA (continued)

3. How did you find out about Norland International and how did you decide to go with Norland’s equipment?

A: We originally were looking at used equipment, and thankfully decided against it. We knew absolutely nothing about bottling water or what our best option was at the time. Norland seemed the most knowledgeable and patient for a bunch of novices like us. Ultimately we decided to go with Norland because we wanted to align ourselves with a company that had been in the industry a long time and had a proven record. Good equipment is important but the people who stand behind it are of greater importance to us.

4. Norland’s equipment is made with the operators in mind. How did you find the learning curve for you and your employees?

A: It was a little intimidating at first but the Norland technicians were able to walk us through any difficulties. Ultimately, like anything else, you have to pay your dues and work through some things on your own.