Thursday, October 4, 2012

An Interview with Gomes Baptista Bonda of Marcogon Comercio Geral, LDA-Angola (Con't.)

10. What suggestions would you offer Norland to improve its service and support?

Up till now I still do not know any concerns that I should bring to Norland; hence, I hope you will continue paying attention to the concerns of your customers in order to maintain good customer relationships.

11. Daren Waters is your personal contact with Norland. How has your experience been thus far with Daren?

Daren has been a wonderful person to work with, and I hope he will continue to do so until the plant is installed and for the future as well because we want a good relationship with Norland for many, many years.

A special thanks to Gomes Baptista Bonda of Marcogon Comercio Geral for taking the time to share his story with the Norland audience.