Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An Interview with Gomes Baptista Bonda of Marcogon Comercio Geral, LDA-Angola (Con't.)

4. What impressed you most about Norland?

I was impressed with the level of organization within the company and the willingness of the staff to answer any questions.

5. Did you compare pricing on Norland’s equipment to equipment made in Asia? If so, how did you arrive at your decision to choose Norland equipment?

I actually had contact with Asian companies including Chinese, and the prices are affordable, only that there is no guarantee of good quality. What I want is to offer a good quality product for a longer period.

6. What research, investigations and preparations did you do to get started in the bottled water business?

We have been in the trading business for more than 11 years, and our dream has always been selling something produced by us; furthermore, the need of getting equipment that will be efficient in raw materials and other production costs, led me to this decision.