Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Norland Unveiling New Middle East Strategy

Norland Int’l is aiming to claim a greater share of the market in the booming bottled water industry in the Middle East region. Since 2007 Norland has successfully installed and maintained complete bottling plants throughout the region for both 5 gallon and single serve operations. Areas include Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and U.A.E. Projects range from very small entry level factories, to 36,000 bottles per hour, fully automated operations. Many of these projects were implemented in cooperation with a master distributor based in Saudi Arabia who until recently had control over the entire region. Our desire is to establish business in Middle East countries that we have not yet reached such as Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Yemen and others. “In order to reach this objective our relationships and our strategy must evolve” says Matt Rennerfeldt, recently appointed Director of Strategic Development for Norland Int’l. He continues to state, “We feel that in many cases we will be better suited to work with the end customer directly. This has been our primary strategy globally and we have been successful in selling, installing and servicing our equipment directly on every continent.” He goes on to say “That being said, we understand the unique aspects of Middle East business culture and that’s why we love doing business there. If it makes sense to work with a well-qualified local agent on a project basis, we will keep our options open.” Norland is excited to cultivate new business in these advancing economies and to help entrepreneurs like you profit from the bottled water and beverage industry that just won’t stop growing.