Tuesday, June 19, 2012

An Interview with Ken Om’iniabohs of CMES-Nigeria

6. Where do you think the bottled water industry is headed in your part of the world?

A: I think it will continue to grow due to the existent customer base and the need for good quality products.

7. What suggestions would you offer Norland to improve its service and support?

A: I suggest that they continue to be transparent and available to answer all customer needs for technical advice and support beyond making the sale.

8. Daren Waters is your personal contact with Norland. How has your experience been thus far with Daren?

A: Daren has been great. I appreciate his availability when I have some questions but do understand that I cannot keep him all to myself.

A special thanks to Ken Om’iniabohs of CMES for taking the time to share his story with the Norland audience.