Friday, June 22, 2012

Flavored Vitamin Water System

Because the demand for flavored vitamin water is growing at record levels, Norland International has developed a unique “flavored vitamin water” system for small to medium-sized bottlers.

This strategic new opportunity allows bottled water plants to expand their current product line by tapping into this new revenue source.

With Norland’s Precision Controlled “Easy Flow Filling Assembly”, bottlers can efficiently produce flavored vitamin water by easily adding it into their existing production line.

After completing the production run of flavored vitamin water, simply clean the system and return to your normal water bottling process.

Norland offers a variety of standard flavor choices and can provide custom flavors too.

Plus, when you look at the potential return on investment (ROI), you’ll see it’s quite a sweet tasting opportunity.

So if you’re an existing bottler or if you are interested in getting into the bottled water business, contact Norland International today and learn more about profiting from producing flavored vitamin water!

Get started today with a Flavored Vitamin Water Sample Pack. Includes free shipping !