Friday, May 25, 2012

An Interview with Rukkayah Mohammed Suleiman-NIGERIA

1. Would you please tell us a little about yourself-family, friends, where you grew up, and hobbies, etc?

A: I am a young entrepreneur with a drive and passion for the water business. At the same time I get satisfied when I can give back to my community by way of creating employment and a better standard of living.

2. What prompted you to think about and eventually decide to go into the bottled water business in Nigeria?

A: With a population of over 200 Million people in a tropical region, there is a big niche for the water business and I decided to take that opportunity.

3. How did you find out about Norland International and how did you decide to go with Norland’s equipment?

A: I learned of Norland International from a contact in Nigeria. I decided to pay Norland a visit while I was in the States and was immediately impressed with the people, the equipment, and the hospitality.

4. What research, investigations and preparations did you do to get started in the bottled water business?

A: A well rounded understanding had to be in place for the business to function properly. We carried out a Feasibility Study, a Water Analysis, a Market Survey, a Comparative Advantage over Competitors study, a search for equipment manufacturers and inquired about our local regulatory requirements.

5. What advice can you give to future entrepreneurs who may be thinking of starting a bottled water operation?

A: Like every other business, one must have the determination and the zeal to succeed. An understanding of the market they are going to play in is very necessary. And never give up on the challenges that come along with the business.

6. Where do you think the bottled water industry is headed in your part of the world?

A: For a developing country like Nigeria, the opportunities are enormous. There are a limited number of water plants to meet the daily demand of the nation. This fact alone will tell you where Nigeria is headed towards in the water business.
7. What suggestions would you offer Norland to improve its service and support?

A: Norland is doing an excellent job. They should continue to maintain the very high standards of service and deliverables.
8. Daren Waters is your personal contact with Norland. How has your experience been thus far with Daren?

A: Absolutely amazing! Daren happens to be one of the best salesmen that I have ever come across. His high level of passion for Norland and his understanding of the business are profound.
A special thanks to Rukkayah Mohammed Suleiman of Nigeria for taking the time to share her story with the Norland audience.