Thursday, January 19, 2012

TritonLine 900 Large-Bottle Washer, Filler and Capper

TritonLine 900 Large-Bottle Washer, Filler and Capper

Norland’s new TritonLine™ 900 automatically washes, fills and caps 3-to-5-gallon bottles of virtually any style simultaneously, without the need for any hand-sorting or equipment adjustments. The TritonLine 900, shown here, washes, fills and caps up to 900 bottles an hour.

TritonLine 900 System Features:

1.900 bottles per hour capacity

2.Handles multiple-sized bottles simultaneously with no manual adjustments.

3.Easy to hook up: just two supply water connections and two drains.

4.Both washer and filler use the same electrical connection.

5.Stainless steel piping used throughout helps provide longevity, durability and virtually eliminates maintenance.

6. Pre-stretched stainless steel drive chains ride on self-lubricating UHWM support guides to eliminate risk of grease contamination.