Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Freedom 100 Large-bottle Blow Molder

The Freedom 100 PET large-bottle blow molder from Norland International is ideal for bottling plants looking to greatly reduce bottle costs by switching to PET from PC bottles and manufacturing them on site.

The Freedom 100 Features and Benefits Include:

•Reduced cost per bottle increases bottom-line by 25-50% (from $6.50-1PC bottle to approximately $2.50-1PET bottle). When shipping empty 5-gallon PC bottles in a 40' container only 2000 can be loaded. But up to 15,000 PET preforms can be shipped in the same sized container, greatly reducing shipping costs. .
•Tighter inventory control; make your own bottles when you need them, minimizing inventory storage and vendor delivery problems.

•Easy to use. One operator. (Approximately 30-sec. between emerging heated preforms, to allow operator to blow bottle and return for the next one.)