Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bottled Water Is....

Environmentally conscious.While nearly all industries use natural resources to manufacture their products, the bottled water industry is particularly efficient and making significant progress to further reduce its environmental impact. The amount of water used for bottled water production accounts for less than 2/100 of a percent (0.02%) of the total ground water withdrawn in the United States each year, according to the Drinking Water Research Foundation.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Norland International-Made in the U.S.A-Part 3

In conclusion, when you see the Norland International emblem on a piece of equipment you can count on it to deliver years of trouble-free service because they tightly control the quality of your new machines every step of the way. Starting with the highest quality components and materials, they design and build your system right here in their own 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility.
The skilled craftsmen in their factory are dedicated to quality workmanship. They take personal pride in manufacturing equipment, made in the USA, which is built to last and made to perform.
Every piece of equipment is rigorously tested under real world conditions in their separate testing facility. This ensures every piece of equipment functions as designed prior to shipping.
All of this gives Norland advantages over its competitors and delivers superior bottling equipment to your plant. Norland customers don’t have to accept compromises. They get exactly what they need, when they need it.

One of the things that differentiate us from any of our competitors is the amount of knowledge we have amassed in the 20 plus years we’ve been in the bottled water business. We share this knowledge; we share this experience with our customers.

Mike McFarland – President

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Norland International-Made in the U.S.A Part 2

What Made- in- the- USA means to Norland

Norland takes its responsibility as an American made manufacturer very seriously. Fortunately, Norland laid the foundation for Good Manufacturing Practices, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma principles for quality initiatives long before the world’s economy slowed in recent years. With learned and practiced efficiencies in place, Norland is able to stay competitive in the bottled water industry without sacrificing its aforementioned founding priorities. While world economies fluctuate, the need and market for clean, purified, bottled water continues to expand, and Norland is optimistic about its growth in the coming years and decades. Norland has felt and realized the appreciation of its customers who have experienced the reliability and craftsmanship of Norland machinery, systems, and custom bottling plants. And that appreciation has led to customer referrals and bottling plant expansions throughout the globe.
What Made-in-the-USA by Norland means to you….

As an American company manufacturing products in the United States, Norland is not only a world-class company, but has recruited and employs the engineering, manufacturing, and customer service and maintenance talent that is superior and envied in the bottled water industry. This means that Norland strives to be the best in all aspects of operation and customer support, and offers that high standard to its customers. Below are some of them:

World-class equipment starts with world-class engineering. Norland International equipment is designed to exacting specifications for maximum performance, dependability and economy for any bottling plant operation.

Norland makes no compromises in the manufacturing process. Norland International controls every manufacturing step from the ground up in our expansive 70,000 square foot USA facility to maintain precise quality control.

A world-class company has best-in-the industry products. Norland International manufactures everything you need for a profitable water bottling business. Their equipment sets the standard in the water bottling industry for innovation, efficiency, reliability and durability.

Norland’s customer service consistently and continually exceeds expectations. Their customers know they can rely on them. They trust Norland because Norland is much more than just suppliers. They are partners in their success with complete customer solutions to meet their needs.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Norland International-Made in the U.S.A Part 1

In the modern world of today’s global economy, it is easy to not notice just where our manufactured goods we use, work with, and consume come from. We can fall prey to convenience and availability and not pay attention to such matters as the price of a manufactured item compared to the actual and true cost of that product.

Price is the one time purchase, the initial dollar amount paid for equipment. We, as consumers, are often prone to quickly base our buying decisions on the lowest price of an item, regardless of considering its quality, reliability or origin of manufacture without considering the true cost of the item. Cost is an amount that a customer will keep paying throughout the product’s use in frequent maintenance and repair expenses. Or in the case of the product’s short life due to poor quality and performance, the expense of having to prematurely replace it. An informed buying decision must include knowing the product’s total cost of ownership. Norland’s products are designed with the quality and reliability necessary for long operational life with minimal maintenance other than routine, therefore minimizing the true cost to its customers.

Norland International is an American success story. Forged of entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to serve a customer base and market with the needed quality, reliability and craftsmanship necessary for success in a global competitive bottled water plant manufacturing market, Norland founders established it priorities first and foremost in its initial company doctrines. Those priorities being the highest service and 24 hour support to the customer, quality of manufacturing procedures and materials, innovation in process and equipment design, and lastly, the highest product reliability in the industry. Refusing to compromise on those founding principals and doctrines of operation, Norland International has grown its roster of satisfied customers each year for close to 20 years now, while many other lesser companies have come and go. Knowing the responsibility to is customers who identify Norland’s priorities as a preference in their buying decisions, Norland is proud to continue to adhere to it founding principals and ensure that its products remain and hold true to the quality and reliability standards conducive of being made in the U.S.A.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BW150 Automatic Bottle Washer

Norland’s BW150 Automatic Bottle Washer has been designed to solve bottle washing problems for many small to medium-sized operators. Designed by experienced bottled water engineers, this state-of-the-art system combines speed and efficiency with affordability. The BW150 Bottle Washer is designed to provide years of reliable, trouble-free service for the small to med-sized operation. It's also ideal for the new or expanding bottled water business. For more information on this product, other products from Norland or the bottled water business, see

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Water Store- Increasing Your Potential Part III


As with any successful business, proper market evaluation and advertising is imperative to your successful startup and continued operation of your Water Store. In our fast moving and changing society, many forms of advertising are available and as with all new businesses some form of advertising will be required. Advertising strategies may include radio, local television, newspaper, pamphlets, direct mail, home trade shows, and in-house product parties. Telephone directory (yellow pages) ads are a must for any new retail store and will give you excellent exposure to your local community. Through time, word-of-mouth and customer referrals will become more prominent as an advertising means.

All water stores will need to have a visible and prominent company sign at the building front to attract customers. One very important tip to remember is that you are not only selling water and ice, but selling health and vitality. Not necessary by using health claims, but to the average customer, purified water infers health. Knowing this, you should keep your image, as your customer sees you, as clean and healthy as possible.

The Water Store is destined to be an integral part of successful water treatment entrepreneurs. The versatility to operate a retail store with direct sales and service programs from the same facility makes it a secure and solid investment on which to build your water treatment business. Norland International can provide you will assistance in marketing, engineering, technical consulting, factory service and business management support staff to help you become successful quickly. Put our 60 years of combined experience in the water treatment industry to work for you today. For more information contact Norland to get your share of this exploding industry.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Water Store- Increasing Your Potential Part II

Location and Size

The location of your Water Store is very important when establishing your business. Optimum locations include busy outdoor shopping centers near grocery, health food, or drug store chains. These areas usually provide service to a regular local clientele but are also accessible to major intersections and traffic patterns. Make sure parking is available near the store to assure that the customer can easily get in and out of the store property.

The overall size of the store should be in the vicinity of 900 to 1500 square feet range. This will allow enough room to serve all functions of the retail purified Water Store.
Profit Centers

There are four key profit centers for your purified Water Store:

1. Recurring water and ice sales.

2. POU/POE equipment sales.

3. Water accessory sales.

4. Replacement parts/warranty work.

The initial and recurring bottled water and purified ice sales are the economic foundation for all water stores. These products attract the customer to your store and will create the opportunity for additional sales of equipment and accessories. The volume of ice sold may actually meet or exceed the volume of water sold. An ice route may be established to furnished pure ice to smaller food services and convenience store operations or for delivery in emergency situations to remedy and substitute for a local company’s faulty icemaker.

After a base clientele has been established and the consumer has become more aware of the types and quality of water available, the POU/POE sale can now be proposed. When you begin to sell the POU/POE equipment, be sure a qualified service and installation person is available to install the equipment for you. Norland has personnel capable of providing training for your installation/service technician.

The water accessory sales and replacement parts will be additional points of sale as more equipment is sold and the Water Store becomes more established in the community.

To cover the broadest spectrum of profit centers, the Commercial/Industrial sector should not be overlooked. Typical examples of these companies include food service establishments, laundry mats, hotels/motels and carwashes. The equipment required for these businesses is the same as used to process water in your own retail store. Norland manufactures a complete product line of water treatment equipment for these applications and can provide training and marketing assistance to help you penetrate this profitable market segment.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Water Store- Increasing Your Potential Part I

The addition of a Water Store to market, sell, and distribute the fruits of your drinking water bottling operation can be a very lucrative part of your total business plan and investment in the purified water industry. Successful Water Stores in the U.S. all have a foundation of common elements that are incorporated to optimize the potential of bottled water exposure and distribution in a given market area. This paper will identify the requirements of a successful Water Store and provide you with information about increasing the potential of your bottling investment.

Operation Guidelines

All successful Water Stores have certain key operational guidelines of which their business is based upon. Every individual store operator will have different ideas as to what merchandise they should supply or how the store should operate. In some cases, prevailing local water conditions may dictate to some extent the type of equipment and service provided by your store. In all cases however, the following list of equipment has proven to be successful when setting up a full service Water Store.

1. A completely automated water treatment and sterilization system capable of dispensing high quality purified water to customer on a high volume, low cost basis.

2. A product line of POU/POE (point-of-use/point-of-entry) water treatment systems for residential, office, travel, and light commercial applications. These systems include high efficiency purifications, water softeners, carbon filters and water coolers to supply the local market.

3. An ice machine capable of dispensing pure ice cubes and blocks.

4. A product line of water accessory items including replacement filters, dispensers, coolers, bottles and caps.

5. The capability of providing limited in-house water testing and analysis. Testing criteria should include hardness, TDS (total dissolved solids), Sodium, pH, Iron Chlorine and nitrates.

6. An office or work area. Office items should include a desk, file cabinets, product literature, photocopier, and other general office materials.

7. A shop area set up for the store’s water treatment system, storage for inventory and small parts and a work area for equipment assembly and repair.

8. A walk-in water store dispenser system to allow for on-sight self service for filling of customer’s bottles or containers.

9. A 24 hour coin operated vending service for all day water service.

By incorporating the above list of items and determined, hard work, your retail Water Store will be a successful venture.