Thursday, December 15, 2011

Norland’s Steps to Success: Tip #1 - Testing your Feed water Part 1

One of the very first actions you will need to take in order to successfully launch your bottled water business is to do a comprehensive water test on your feed water conditions. This is a critical step in the design and preparation of your customized water treatment system. In order for your equipment supplier to engineer the correct components a complete analysis is required. Without it, a treatment system cannot be designed to properly handle the unique conditions that exist with each water supply.

As an affordable benefit to our customers, Norland has worked extensively with National Testing Laboratories LTD. to design a customized package of essential water treatment tests to properly evaluate and determine the correct equipment for your undertaking.

With that in mind Norland’s Comprehensive Bottled Water Test Kit is specifically designed for testing the feed water source of your new water bottling plant. Analysis will be performed on the water samples by a certified laboratory for many key compounds used to evaluate drinking water quality, such as metals/minerals, other inorganics, low-level bromide and bromate, pesticides, herbicides, PCBs, volatile organic chemicals, total organic carbon, total coliform bacteria, standard/heterotrophic plate count, and physical properties (TDS, pH, turbidity, hardness, conductivity, carbonate, bicarbonate, carbon dioxide).

Your Norland Comprehensive Bottled Water Test Kit is conveniently packaged with complete, step by step instructions.

Whether your water source is a spring, borehole, or municipal water supply, Norland’s Bottled Water Test Kit will provide you with the basic information you’ll need to understand the true chemistry of your feed water. In addition, this comprehensive test kit can also be a useful tool for periodic monitoring of water quality as part of a diligent Quality Control program.