Monday, November 28, 2011

Norland Bottled Water Distillation Systems

Norland’s commercial vapor compression distillation systems are designed to produce high-quality distilled water at the lowest possible cost utilizing optimum design and efficiency. Applications include water purification for the bottled water industry and laboratory water and many other commercial and industrial applications. Four distinct models are available to be matched to your distilled water needs. Models VC 800, 1500, 3000 and 6000 produce 800 gallons (3028 L), 1,500 gallons (5700 L), 3,000 gallons (11,340 L) or 6,000 gallons (22, 712 L) per day and are extremely energy efficient and reliable.

Norland’s distillation systems produce high-quality distilled water (less than 1 ppm TDS) at the lowest possible cost per gallon. The following design features are inherent in all VC Distiller models:

•Easy installation. Norland VC systems require minimal plumbing and electrical connections.

•Solid-state operational controls. One solid-state circuit board controls operation of the complete system.

•Minimal preventative maintenance. Removable exterior panels allow full access to internal components for quick, easy servicing.

•Feedwater/distillate heat exchanger preheats the feed water, and cools the distilled water at maximum efficiency.

•Sturdy one-piece light-weight rotor provides the strength required for a long, durable, trouble-free life.

•Self-aligning pillow type compressor bearings provide long life and easy maintenance and replacement.

• Low operational costs. Norland VC systems are energy conscience requiring as little as 0.085 Kw/H of electrical power (less than $0.01/gallon) to produce one gallon (3.78L) of distilled water.