Monday, October 10, 2011

Triton450 Bottle Washer, Filler and Capper

The Norland Triton450™ is one of the most advanced large-bottle systems on the market in its class. This advanced system automatically washes, sanitize, rinses, fills and caps up to 450 of 3-to-5-gallon (11-to-19-liter) bottles per hour with only minimal operator intervention. The Triton450 processes virtually any style / size large bottle one right after the other - there's no need for hand sorting or equipment adjustments which can prove to be extremely time-consuming when using different diameter or different height bottles.

The Triton450 has been designed for ease of operation and highest efficiency. The system is constructed throughout using stainless steel piping which will provide longevity, durability, long and very low maintenance. In addition, the other wetted parts are constructed using FDA approved materials – either stainless steel or plastics.

The sophisticated Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) provides the plant operator or production manager quickly and easily the instantaneous production status and records. Advanced controls constantly sense the position of the bottles in the various locations for maximum reliability. If a fault is detected, the system alerts the operator to allow him to effortlessly recognize and remedy the situation. The operating status of the system is displayed on the stack (elevated) lighting panel which can usually be monitored from a remote location. This often allows the operator to accomplish other tasks in a different portion of the plant.  For more information on the Norland Triton450 and other Norland products, visit