Thursday, September 8, 2011

Water Store- Increasing Your Potential Part III


As with any successful business, proper market evaluation and advertising is imperative to your successful startup and continued operation of your Water Store. In our fast moving and changing society, many forms of advertising are available and as with all new businesses some form of advertising will be required. Advertising strategies may include radio, local television, newspaper, pamphlets, direct mail, home trade shows, and in-house product parties. Telephone directory (yellow pages) ads are a must for any new retail store and will give you excellent exposure to your local community. Through time, word-of-mouth and customer referrals will become more prominent as an advertising means.

All water stores will need to have a visible and prominent company sign at the building front to attract customers. One very important tip to remember is that you are not only selling water and ice, but selling health and vitality. Not necessary by using health claims, but to the average customer, purified water infers health. Knowing this, you should keep your image, as your customer sees you, as clean and healthy as possible.

The Water Store is destined to be an integral part of successful water treatment entrepreneurs. The versatility to operate a retail store with direct sales and service programs from the same facility makes it a secure and solid investment on which to build your water treatment business. Norland International can provide you will assistance in marketing, engineering, technical consulting, factory service and business management support staff to help you become successful quickly. Put our 60 years of combined experience in the water treatment industry to work for you today. For more information contact Norland to get your share of this exploding industry.