Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Water Store- Increasing Your Potential Part II

Location and Size

The location of your Water Store is very important when establishing your business. Optimum locations include busy outdoor shopping centers near grocery, health food, or drug store chains. These areas usually provide service to a regular local clientele but are also accessible to major intersections and traffic patterns. Make sure parking is available near the store to assure that the customer can easily get in and out of the store property.

The overall size of the store should be in the vicinity of 900 to 1500 square feet range. This will allow enough room to serve all functions of the retail purified Water Store.
Profit Centers

There are four key profit centers for your purified Water Store:

1. Recurring water and ice sales.

2. POU/POE equipment sales.

3. Water accessory sales.

4. Replacement parts/warranty work.

The initial and recurring bottled water and purified ice sales are the economic foundation for all water stores. These products attract the customer to your store and will create the opportunity for additional sales of equipment and accessories. The volume of ice sold may actually meet or exceed the volume of water sold. An ice route may be established to furnished pure ice to smaller food services and convenience store operations or for delivery in emergency situations to remedy and substitute for a local company’s faulty icemaker.

After a base clientele has been established and the consumer has become more aware of the types and quality of water available, the POU/POE sale can now be proposed. When you begin to sell the POU/POE equipment, be sure a qualified service and installation person is available to install the equipment for you. Norland has personnel capable of providing training for your installation/service technician.

The water accessory sales and replacement parts will be additional points of sale as more equipment is sold and the Water Store becomes more established in the community.

To cover the broadest spectrum of profit centers, the Commercial/Industrial sector should not be overlooked. Typical examples of these companies include food service establishments, laundry mats, hotels/motels and carwashes. The equipment required for these businesses is the same as used to process water in your own retail store. Norland manufactures a complete product line of water treatment equipment for these applications and can provide training and marketing assistance to help you penetrate this profitable market segment.