Thursday, September 1, 2011

Water Store- Increasing Your Potential Part I

The addition of a Water Store to market, sell, and distribute the fruits of your drinking water bottling operation can be a very lucrative part of your total business plan and investment in the purified water industry. Successful Water Stores in the U.S. all have a foundation of common elements that are incorporated to optimize the potential of bottled water exposure and distribution in a given market area. This paper will identify the requirements of a successful Water Store and provide you with information about increasing the potential of your bottling investment.

Operation Guidelines

All successful Water Stores have certain key operational guidelines of which their business is based upon. Every individual store operator will have different ideas as to what merchandise they should supply or how the store should operate. In some cases, prevailing local water conditions may dictate to some extent the type of equipment and service provided by your store. In all cases however, the following list of equipment has proven to be successful when setting up a full service Water Store.

1. A completely automated water treatment and sterilization system capable of dispensing high quality purified water to customer on a high volume, low cost basis.

2. A product line of POU/POE (point-of-use/point-of-entry) water treatment systems for residential, office, travel, and light commercial applications. These systems include high efficiency purifications, water softeners, carbon filters and water coolers to supply the local market.

3. An ice machine capable of dispensing pure ice cubes and blocks.

4. A product line of water accessory items including replacement filters, dispensers, coolers, bottles and caps.

5. The capability of providing limited in-house water testing and analysis. Testing criteria should include hardness, TDS (total dissolved solids), Sodium, pH, Iron Chlorine and nitrates.

6. An office or work area. Office items should include a desk, file cabinets, product literature, photocopier, and other general office materials.

7. A shop area set up for the store’s water treatment system, storage for inventory and small parts and a work area for equipment assembly and repair.

8. A walk-in water store dispenser system to allow for on-sight self service for filling of customer’s bottles or containers.

9. A 24 hour coin operated vending service for all day water service.

By incorporating the above list of items and determined, hard work, your retail Water Store will be a successful venture.