Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Norland International-Made in the U.S.A Part 2

What Made- in- the- USA means to Norland

Norland takes its responsibility as an American made manufacturer very seriously. Fortunately, Norland laid the foundation for Good Manufacturing Practices, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma principles for quality initiatives long before the world’s economy slowed in recent years. With learned and practiced efficiencies in place, Norland is able to stay competitive in the bottled water industry without sacrificing its aforementioned founding priorities. While world economies fluctuate, the need and market for clean, purified, bottled water continues to expand, and Norland is optimistic about its growth in the coming years and decades. Norland has felt and realized the appreciation of its customers who have experienced the reliability and craftsmanship of Norland machinery, systems, and custom bottling plants. And that appreciation has led to customer referrals and bottling plant expansions throughout the globe.
What Made-in-the-USA by Norland means to you….

As an American company manufacturing products in the United States, Norland is not only a world-class company, but has recruited and employs the engineering, manufacturing, and customer service and maintenance talent that is superior and envied in the bottled water industry. This means that Norland strives to be the best in all aspects of operation and customer support, and offers that high standard to its customers. Below are some of them:

World-class equipment starts with world-class engineering. Norland International equipment is designed to exacting specifications for maximum performance, dependability and economy for any bottling plant operation.

Norland makes no compromises in the manufacturing process. Norland International controls every manufacturing step from the ground up in our expansive 70,000 square foot USA facility to maintain precise quality control.

A world-class company has best-in-the industry products. Norland International manufactures everything you need for a profitable water bottling business. Their equipment sets the standard in the water bottling industry for innovation, efficiency, reliability and durability.

Norland’s customer service consistently and continually exceeds expectations. Their customers know they can rely on them. They trust Norland because Norland is much more than just suppliers. They are partners in their success with complete customer solutions to meet their needs.