Friday, September 16, 2011

Norland International-Made in the U.S.A Part 1

In the modern world of today’s global economy, it is easy to not notice just where our manufactured goods we use, work with, and consume come from. We can fall prey to convenience and availability and not pay attention to such matters as the price of a manufactured item compared to the actual and true cost of that product.

Price is the one time purchase, the initial dollar amount paid for equipment. We, as consumers, are often prone to quickly base our buying decisions on the lowest price of an item, regardless of considering its quality, reliability or origin of manufacture without considering the true cost of the item. Cost is an amount that a customer will keep paying throughout the product’s use in frequent maintenance and repair expenses. Or in the case of the product’s short life due to poor quality and performance, the expense of having to prematurely replace it. An informed buying decision must include knowing the product’s total cost of ownership. Norland’s products are designed with the quality and reliability necessary for long operational life with minimal maintenance other than routine, therefore minimizing the true cost to its customers.

Norland International is an American success story. Forged of entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to serve a customer base and market with the needed quality, reliability and craftsmanship necessary for success in a global competitive bottled water plant manufacturing market, Norland founders established it priorities first and foremost in its initial company doctrines. Those priorities being the highest service and 24 hour support to the customer, quality of manufacturing procedures and materials, innovation in process and equipment design, and lastly, the highest product reliability in the industry. Refusing to compromise on those founding principals and doctrines of operation, Norland International has grown its roster of satisfied customers each year for close to 20 years now, while many other lesser companies have come and go. Knowing the responsibility to is customers who identify Norland’s priorities as a preference in their buying decisions, Norland is proud to continue to adhere to it founding principals and ensure that its products remain and hold true to the quality and reliability standards conducive of being made in the U.S.A.