Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lease the Norland Rackstacker

Are you located in the U.S.? If so, now you can lease the Norland RackStacker with Dimension Funding. With over 30 years experience financing equipment for a variety of industries, including the bottled water industry, Dimension Funding possesses the expertise to arrange funding for all kinds of transactions. Dimension Funding offers:

• A variety of Customized Financing Programs

• 24 Hour Approval Process in most applications

• Fast Professional Response

• Free Resources for Clients

Leasing with Dimension Funding

Instead of paying cash, why not let the equipment pay for itself? By leasing your equipment through Dimension Funding, you can get the equipment you want without hurting your cash flow. Dimension Funding offers low, fixed monthly rentals over a long-term payment schedule which means the payments are made from the profits the equipment earns.

How it Works

1. Contact Norland International for an equipment quotation on the Rackstacker

2. Print out the Dimension Funding Credit Application

3. After you have filled it out, please fax it to Dimension funding at (949) 757-0663 to the attention of John Gallagher along with your quote from Norland. You will be contacted immediately to confirm receipt.

4. You will receive a proposal detailing terms and conditions of the lease and any additional requirements to obtain approval.

5. Upon leas approval, formal documents will be e-mailed or overnighted to you for your signature.

6. After Dimension Funding has received your signed lease documents, a purchase order will be sent to Norland to authorized shipment of your RackStacker.

7. After the RackStacker has been delivered, Dimension Funding will contact you to confirm receipt of the RackStacker and your lease will commence.

If you have any questions about the lease, please contact John Gallagher at 800-755-0585 ext. 244.

Let’s take a Look at the Numbers

Depending on the amount of information provided to Dimension Funding, the cost of leasing the RackStacker may vary. Dimension Funding offers a simple Application Only program that will get you a lease quotation with a competitive price. A better price and quotation can be obtained with a full financial disclosure. In general, approximate lease costs for a RackStacker 600 over a period of 5 years can be less than $1,300.00 per month. Then after the 5 year period, you own the equipment with no more monthly payments

Why You Should Consider Leasing Equipment

Leasing Overcomes Budget Limitations
Leasing lets you get the equipment free of budget ceilings. Low monthly payments let you hold expenditures within budget limits.

Leasing Minimizes Obsolescence
Ownership and depreciation of equipment encourages its use beyond its productive life. At the expiration of a lease, you have the opportunity to replace worn or obsolete equipment.

Leasing Conserves Cash
Since a lease does not require a down payment, it is equivalent to 100% financing. Unlike many other types of financing, a lease does not require compensating bank balances.

Leasing Improves Cash Flow
Eliminating the down payment and creating a pre-tax write-off of lease payments creates cash flow and possible tax advantages. Also, lease terms are usually longer than direct financing which means flexibility for the end user.

Leasing Fights Inflation
Leasing costs remain the same over the life of the lease agreement, no matter how much prices and interest rates rise. A lease lets you use the extended term to pay for today's needs with tomorrow's dollars.

Leasing Simplifies Expansion
You never have to worry about selling old equipment. When the lease has ended we can help you arrange to trade in your equipment and lease newer, more modern equipment.

In Conclusion

The risks of physical strain and liability of trying to physically handle the storage and placement of your full large bottles of drinking water are great. Leasing a Norland RackStacker is a viable and practical option and solution to alleviate those risks while making practical use of your investment. Consider contacting John Gallagher at Dimension Funding today. He will be happy to assist you.