Thursday, July 21, 2011

Reports From the Field

Sabin Rose Bottling Company, Inc.

By Dennis Kruse

One of the many benefits of being an Applications Engineer at Norland International is the opportunity to travel to some exotic, some off the beaten track but all interesting places around the world in support of Norland customers. My recent trip the Philippines to start up a new bottled water system for our customer, Sabin Rose Bottling Company, is a good example.

If you don’t already know, Leyte (pronounced /’leiti:/ in English), is a beautiful tropical island in the Visayas group of the Philippines. It's been reported there are over 7,000 islands that make up the Philippines. The residents of this Southeast Asian Country are some of the friendliest, most resourceful, family-oriented people that I've ever met. See the shaded area in the picture below for its geographic location.

My trip to Leyte included travel by car, plane and ferry boat. I traveled from Omaha, NE to Cebu City, Philippines, which took most of 24 hours. Then I boarded a ferry and traveled for another 2 ½ hours to Leyte island. Our customer, Sabin Rose Bottling Company, Inc. is located in an area that features a beautiful source of very high-quality natural spring water. The purpose of my trip was the startup of a Norland SpectraPak™ 3000 Water Bottling Line and related equipment.

The plumbing, electrical, and plant layout drawings and schematics were generated by Norland engineers before the equipment was built and shipped from Norland.

The fore planning and teamwork by Norland engineers and the Sabin Rose personnel prior to my arrival at the plant allowed me to make efficient and productive use of my time, which incidentally saved the customer money. The first-rate Sabin Rose crew had the piping and electrical work completed in a very professional manner. The equipment was unpacked and positioned in the clean room prior to my arrival awaiting the final set-up and adjustment process.

In a little over 10 day’s total time, including travel time, I was able to start-up a complete bottling plant and train the staff on operation and maintenance of their bottling system. As a result, Norland added another very happy customer to its long list of references.

I found the people of Leyte Island and staff of Sabin Rose to be extremely gracious, hard working and friendly. They were always smiling and appreciative of the assistance that I provided. The crew quickly picked up how the equipment operated during the training phase. They were very eager to learn the trouble-shooting and general equipment maintenance that is part of our startup process.

I will never forget the people I met and the experiences I gained from my travel to Sabin Rose. While in a remote location of the world, Sabin Rose is just as important to us as if we traveled across town. And I’m proud to represent a company with a global outreach and support of its customers, no matter where they are located.