Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Triton160™ Automatic Bottle Washer / Filler / Capper

Norland International’s new Triton160™ automatically washes, fills, and caps 3-to-5-gallon bottles of virtually any style simultaneously without the need for any hand-sorting or equipment adjustments. The Triton160™ washes, fills, and caps up to 160 bottles an hour.
The Triton160™ has been designed by Norland engineers for maximum efficiency and ease of operation. Stainless steel piping is used throughout the equipment providing longevity, durability, and low maintenance.
Norland’s multi-function Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) provides immediate digital readout quickly and easily. Bottle-positioning controls sense faults and quickly alert the operator to any problems. Stack lighting indicators show operating conditions at a glance.

Pre-Wash / Wash Features

Bottles stop at each station to ensure highest quality, cleanest bottles possible.

Enclosed clean room separates washer unload area from filling area.

Uses recycled product rinse water to keep the pre-wash, wash and sanitizing tanks cleaner, and to reduce amount of separate bottle pre-cleaning required before washing.

Filter screens for pre-wash, wash and sanitizing tanks minimize screen cleaning requirements and virtually eliminate downtime for pump maintenance.

Adjustable wash time. (Normal cycle is 60-second wash, 30-second sanitize, and 16-second product water rinse.)

Electric wash water heater thermostatically controlled by the PLC.

Chemical feed pumps for detergent and sanitizer solutions are easily adjustable at the PLC or pump to maintain proper solution concentration.

Adjustable rinse cycle controller can be manually set at desired intervals up to 100 seconds.

System Features

Washes, fills, and caps 160 3-to-5 gallon (12-19L) bottles per hour

Compact design

PLC controlled

Digital temperature readout

Automatic cap feeder

Positive Air Flow HEPA filtered

Handles multiple-sized bottles with no manual adjustments (3-5 gal., 12-19 L).

Easy to hook up: just two supply water connections

Washer and filler use same electrical connection

KW/H Usage Per 100 Bottles: 8 KW/H

Cap hopper and elevator hold approximately 1 box (500 caps)