Friday, June 17, 2011

Private Label Bottled Water, Part 2

Private Label Bottled Water:
A Profitable Niche in a Fast-Growing Industry

Your own brand name

Recently, a new bottled water market segment has emerged, one in which small, local bottlers often have an advantage over the national brands. This promising market niche is private labeled bottled water. It’s creating an entirely new, highly profitable market for the product, with margins running from 50 percent to as high as 200 percent. Private label bottled water can be a perfect promotional item, used by schools, churches, restaurants, businesses and special events of all kinds to generate name recognition, raise funds and often just for fun.
The private label market isn’t one likely to be tapped by the big bottlers. They’re interested in high volume, even though that may mean low per-unit profit. That leaves private labeling to local marketers, handling local demand with product produced and distributed locally. This means a big opportunity for you.

One visionary who saw-and grasped-this opportunity is Ken Vaughn, of Spring Water Promotions, located near Atlanta. In just two years, he doubled his business and expects growth to continue well into the future.

To be continued....