Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Private Label Bottled Water: Part 1

Private Label Bottled Water: A Profitable Niche in a Fast-Growing Industry

The key to building a profitable business is to find the right market niche. Marketing 101 tells us to find the corner of an industry that may be unrecognized or underserved, but where there’s a demonstrable need. Find a unique product, or adapt an existing product to an innovative application, and you have the makings of a profitable business.

A thriving market

Home-delivered bottled water services thrive in many parts of the country, and the market for small bottles is exploding. You see people with bottled of water walking down the street, at the shopping malls, and on their way to work or school. Of course, people have always consumed water. It’s how they’re doing it now that opens up doors to a profitable business.
Bottled water is the fastest growing major beverage category in the United States. Just look around your neighborhood supermarket, vending machine or convenience store. You’ll see bottled water side by side with all the popular soft drinks. Bottled water is projected to move past coffee and milk into second place in sales behind soft drinks, according to Beverage Marketing Corp., a New York City specialist in analyzing the market. With the bottled water industry booming, competition is growing. Many of the nation’s largest soft drink bottlers are marketing bottled water. It’s not always easy to sell against the big guys like the national soft drink companies, and fighting for shelf space in supermarkets and convenience store chains is even harder.

To be continued....