Thursday, April 7, 2011

Top Story this month comes from the great State of Texas

Top Story this month comes from the great State of Texas

We would like to introduce you to one of Norland's valued customers, so come along with me partner as we head to Texas for this month's interview with "JP".

JP and his father Jay started this family-operated business just over 11 years ago. Jay and JP offer three different types of water - purified, flavored and an isotonic sports drink for their private label customers. When asked to quantify the size of their business JP says "We stay pretty busy". JP purchased a Freedom4500 Series Blow Molding system from Norland.

"No matter if you have a problem or you think you have a problem, you may
have a problem. Whatever your issue is you can call anybody at Norland and they are more than happy to take care of you." – JP

An interview with "JP"

Norland - Where did your bottles come from before buying the Blow Molder from Norland?

JP –“We bought bottles from a bottle manufacturer and had the bottles shipped into our location. This was an ever increasing burden to the company’s bottom line. When buying the bottles, we had very little control over the quality and cost of the bottles. Norland showed us how to cut the costs on bottles, shipping and waste. In addition, we have been able to gain control over the design and inventory of our bottles.”

Norland - What brought you to Norland initially?

JP –“Research. My father and I had been looking at blow molders for about two years prior. I’m analytical by nature. We were looking for a solution that would allow us to reduce our bottle cost. I researched all of the different types, sizes and costs of blow molding equipment and what best suited our needs. Norland was the company that offered a product that fit our individual needs, being that we are not a massive bottler but we are not a very small one either.”

Norland- What do you like most about Norland and using Norland products?

JP –“Everything, you told me to be honest and it has been a very pleasant experience.”

Norland - What were your perceptions about using a blow molder? That is, did you have any preconceived notions or anything of that nature?

JP –“What it all boils down to is, the number one thing, we were trying to improve our margins. We looked at various aspects of whether it was something we wanted to take on. I do all of the maintenance on all of our equipment so it had to be something that didn’t tie up my day and overwhelm me with issues. It appeared the benefits outweighed the negatives and it was just time to make that decision.”

Norland - Have your perceptions changed since purchasing and using the blow molder?

JP –“Yes. Operating the blow molder is not as entailed on my part as I figured it would be. It’s more of you turn it on and it runs. It’s no different than any other piece of equipment as long as it is maintained and you are able to run it. Once you get past the initial couple of weeks and some of the operator errors we encountered, it’s a very simple piece of equipment to operate. It doesn’t take anymore of my time than any other piece of equipment. It’s no different than a filler or a capper or labeler. “

Norland - How has Norland impacted your business?

JP –“Norland has made it easier to do business.”

Norland -What’s the biggest benefit of working with Norland's Freedom 4500 Blow Molder?

JP –“Number one, the quality of bottle and ease of operation. Those are the two biggest items off the top of my head. If you’re in my business, that is all you are wanting. I call it idiot proof and really it is. Once you get it set up and once you get it dialed in, it’s pretty much just forgotten about it. It’s going to run, you may have a preform hang-up or something, but that would be on any machine and probably tenfold. It is just very, very easy to operate. It is user friendly.”

Norland- Has the equipment saved you money?

JP –“Yes.”

Norland -How much do you calculate you have saved with the blow molder?

JP –“We are probably saving around 2 cents per bottle.”

Norland -And how many bottles are you producing per day?

JP –“We average about 32,000 bottles per day. The savings are real, that’s why we bought it.”

Norland - Why did you choose Norland as your supplier?

JP –“Reputation, sales staff, quality of equipment, size of equipment and the functionality of the equipment.”

Norland - Would you recommend Norland services or products to others?

JP –“Yes, everyone I talk to.”

Norland - Is there anything else you’d like to add?

JP –“Yes there is one thing I’d like to add and that is the service past the sale, beyond the sale however you want to say it. Whether it’s from Engineering, Technicians, Sales, or the Staff at Norland there is no one that can touch Norland's personal touch. I do business with a lot of different people and there’s not enough being stated about that fact. No matter if you have a problem or you think you have a problem, you may have a problem. Whatever your issue is you can call anybody at Norland and they are more than happy to take care of you. If you have an issue with a part or whatever the need is, you’re going to have it the next day. The reason I can say this is because we were running the day after Thanksgiving and I had an issue come up. I called up a service tech at 4:00am in the morning on the day after Thanksgiving on a Friday. I talked to the guy for three hours, he fixed my problem. The day after Thanksgiving at four o’clock in the morning. Now I want you to think about that for a minute…… you with me? That speaks volumes about the lengths that Norland's people will go to in order to take care of their customers. Somebody always picks up the phone and they handle my problems and you cannot put a price on that kind of service.”

Norland - Thank you JP for talking with us.