Thursday, April 28, 2011

Primo Water of Oklahoma

Primo Water of Oklahoma

Primo Water of Oklahoma recently purchased a Norland Triton160™ with automatic Rack Stacker™ to accommodate their demands for their 5-gallon water business.

Questions and Answers with Robert Miller, General Manager.

1. What prompted you to get into the Water Bottling business?

I had a friend who had purchased a small struggling water company in late 2003. He continued to struggle and asked me to join his team in 2005 to help grow the business. During this time we enjoyed considerable growth and were looking for additional opportunities. I learned about Primo Water and their focus on the retail exchange system. I reached out to the head office of Primo to see if there was a chance of filling water for them in the State of Oklahoma. Unfortunately, I learned they had already signed a contract with a different supplier. The opportunity came along to sell our water company in June of 2007 for a handsome profit. I was able to join the team of Primo Water of Oklahoma in July, 2008.

2. When did you and your partners first get started with Primo Water?

The company started selling 5-gallon bottled water in 2005. I joined the company in 2008 and we were selling approximately 2,500 5-gallon bottles per month. Our volume has grown to approximately 35,000 five-gallon bottles per month.

3. Due to an increase in demand for your water you recently purchased equipment from Norland International. How have you found the experience before, during and after the purchase?

Before we purchased the equipment, we relied on other companies to fill our water then we had to pay freight to get the water to our location. It was really hard on the bottom line. Once the numbers made sense to develop a plant here, with the research that had been completed, there was NO question in my mind that we wanted our equipment to be supplied by Norland.

From day one, working with Salesman all the way thru the development and installation period, it has been a true pleasure working with each and every one of these guys at Norland. I am real pleased when I get a call asking how things are going and if there is anything I need. The guys keep in periodic contact with me and it’s real obvious, everyone cares about me and my satisfaction. If something isn’t right, they do whatever it takes to make it right. That’s the true meaning of CUSTOMER SERVICE - Thank you Norland!

4. Has the equipment met your expectations?

YES in all areas. We had a couple of adjustments that were required after the guys started up the equipment but these were simple to make and since then, the equipment has worked flawlessly. I can’t wait until we attend a major Conference later this year to share with all the other Distributors who are looking to develop their own Water Plants about Norland’s equipment and after-the-purchase service.

5. What’s the one thing you liked most about working with Norland International, Inc.?

The guys took the time to listen to what our current needs were to become a national water brand. Then Norland proceeded to Engineer and develop the “Turnkey” equipment that would be needed to meet the high-quality demands we have while giving us the flexibility for future growth as our business continues to grow. All this was provided with NO hidden costs or add-ons to the final Invoice amount. We actually received more than promised at the exact price that was quoted. This is exactly how we do business and expect nothing less from our suppliers. In business, expectations are not always met when dealing with some suppliers and I’m pleased to report that Norland exceeded our expectations and am confident that as our needs continue to grow, we will invest in additional Norland equipment.

It doesn’t take up much room to produce a 1,000 bottles per shift. Pictured above is the Norland Triton160™  with Rack Stacker™ during installation and training by Norland’s Startup/Training Team.

The end result – racks of 5 gallon bottles ready for delivery.

Special thanks to Primo Water of OKC and General Manager Robert Miller