Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Minnesota Artesian Fresh, Inc

Minnesota Artesian Fresh, Inc

Top Story this month comes from Leroy, Minnesota Artesian Fresh, Inc. produces many different bottle sizes on-site, saving time and money, using Norland's Freedom Series Blow Molders

Come and listen to a story about a man named Ben... We would like to introduce you to one of Norland's valued customers, so let’s head up North to Minnesota for this month's interview with Ben Nolt - Owner of Artesian Fresh, Inc.


Artesian Fresh was supposed to be the well for a retired couple’s home and it turned into the site for the most naturally pure water in the world.

1. What were you doing before going into the bottled water industry? My wife and I were farming for 35 years and decided to semi retire. We built a new home and a 21,000 square building for my custom farming business.

2. What led you to get into the bottled water industry? When drilling a well for our new home we struck an artesian well to find out after lab tests that the water was of great quality and good to bottle.

3. What reasons can you give as to why you choose Norland Int’l as your equipment manufacturer/partner? I found Norland International on the internet and they were from Lincoln, Nebraska thought this is close to our area. I liked that they were a small to mid size company and understood how a small company like we are and how we can operate.

4. What do you like most about Norland and using Norland equipment? That we are close to them and the service they promised us after the sale is great, the equipment they sold us they have the parts on hand and will overnight them. A lot of the small things we can get at a Fastenal store.

5. How has Norland impacted your business? We are a new start up company of 23 months; it is nice that all of our equipment has come from Norland. We got the blow molder also and this saves us a lot of time as well as space.

6. How many bottles are you producing per day? 24,000 – 30,000 depending on the size of bottle. We produce 10oz, 12oz, 16.9oz, 20oz and 1 Liter.

7. You produce a wide variety of bottles in different sizes, from small to large, with the Freedom Series of blow molders from Norland. Can you describe the benefits of having a blow molder on-site and some of the cost savings you’ve experienced? There a 2 huge reasons for the blow molder. The space that is saved by not having the incoming empty bottles in stock especially since we have 5 different sizes. The cost savings are 3-6 cents depending on the size bottle.

8. Would you recommend Norland services or products to others? Yes, the service is excellent and to us this is more important than the equipment or the product. We can order a part at 4:00 PM and have it the next day. The down time is minimal.

9. What tips would you offer a new entrepreneur entering the business? Purchase all your equipment from one company so that you don’t have each other blaming each other for not synchronizing. Check with another small water company to prevent costly oversights.

10. Where do you see the industry in the next 5 years? I think the industry is going to have to be thinking more green and move to the biodegradable plastic.

Thank you Ben Nolt for sharing your story with us.