Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New York Bottler: ”Norland’s Great to Work With.”

New York Bottler: ”Norland’s Great to Work With.”

When Dowser Water of Newburgh, New York was considering extended its existing single-serve Dowser Spring Water brand to include home-and-office delivery to the Greater Hudson Valley region, Fran McCauley knew he had to look around for the right large-bottle production line.

McCauley, Dowser Water’s Operations Manager, found his answer at an IBWA trade show, where he discovered Norland International. The company was showing its fully automatic Triton™ 450 system and RackStacker™.  He visited with Norland technicians at the show, was impressed, and led a company management team to a Maryland bottler, where they watched the Norland equipment in full operation.

“We liked what we saw,” McCauley says. “We were very impressed.”

McCauley communicated with Norland engineers in the pre-purchase stage of the process for help with plant design. Then Norland handled the installation, set-up, testing and on-site training for McCauley’s personnel.

“Norland’s been great to work with, and we recommend their staff and its equipment and services to other companies,” he said. “They were terrific in providing advice and consultations prior to our purchases, and have continued to give us the on-going support we’ve needed to keep our equipment functioning efficiently.”

After the initial installation, Norland has continued to suggest and provide equipment upgrades, as well as occasional maintenance and repair, McCauley says.

Norland’s commitment to dedicated customer support has been important to McCauley.

For example, McCauley says, “at one point during a difficult troubleshooting episode, we were able to reach Norland’s technical support folks on their personal cell phones to address the issues.”

Norland has also overnighted critical parts to Dowser Spring to help keep the production line running, according to McCauley. “Thanks to Norland’s responsiveness, we were able to keep our commitments to our customers.”

“Norland’s responsiveness to our questions and needs is the primary reason we are such a satisfied customer,” McCauley says.