Friday, January 7, 2011

Norland International’s Expertise Saves Customer Big Money

Norland International’s Expertise Saves Customer Big Money

It pays to have a close relationship with your bottled water equipment supplier. You get to know us. We get to know you.

And that means we can help you spot areas in your business that can be made more efficient, cost-effective, and profitable.

For Healing Waters LLC, Dillon, Montana, the company’s relationship with Norland International, its bottled water equipment supplier, has paid off in significant cost savings in bottle acquisition. David Hegsted is the president of the company, which markets its bottled water under the Montaqua™ brand name.

“Now he’s saving at a rate of 9 cents per bottle,” says Bruce Kucera, Norland’s Vice President-sales. “Figured over 3 to 5 million bottles a year, that’s a significant cost savings.”

During routine customer follow-up, Norland International learned that the company was spending a lot of money to purchase and ship vendor-supplied empty bottles. Healing Waters produces from 3 million to 5 million bottles a year.

Bruce suggested to Healing Waters’ president David Hegsted that the company consider manufacturing its own bottles on site. Norland International could provide the perfect blow molder line, the Freedom™ Series, to fit his company’s business requirements, Bruce informed him.

This way, he’d save the cost of shipping empty bottles, save plant space by better inventory control (they make their bottles when they need them) and avoid the occasional delivery problems from vendors.

“We approached him with the idea and set up a special rental program for him,” Kucera says. “He liked the idea and purchased a Freedom™ 1500 Blow Molder.” The Model 1500 produces up to 1500 bottles an hour.

Norland International custom-designed the molds that make Healing Waters’ bottles unique to its market. The company bottles water in 16.9 oz, 20 oz and 1 liter sizes. Hegsted now controls his inventory, conserves floor space, and avoids problems that crop up from time to time on delivery from vendors.

Add to those benefits that 9 cents a bottle savings, and Healing Waters LLC has improved its bottom line significantly, thanks to Norland International.