Monday, January 24, 2011

Bottled Water Tip #2

Bottled Water Tip #2

As you start up a bottled water business, it's important that you choose the right equipment for your immediate requirements. Your prospects for success can be limited by buying equipment that is either too large or too small for the size of your business.

How can you know what initial equipment investment your situation requires?

Your best bet is to find an equipment supplier that will provide up-front consultation on your plant requirements based on your projected level of business for the first year or two, so you don't spend too much of your start-up costs on equipment. Norland International provides reliable consultations based on its 15-plus years in the bottled water business. The company also provides a range of products that will fit your needs.

The company also offers a helpful manual, A Guide to Success in the Bottled Water Industry, which guides new owners through the start-up process to put them on the path to a profitable business.

Norland, for example, offers a range of washer/filler lines for the large bottle (3-5 gallons) from the basic, manually operated BWF60 that washes and fills one 3- or 5-gallon bottle at a time, up to its largest, the TritonLine™ series of washers/fillers/cappers that produce from 450 to 900 large-bottles per hour. In between, Norland offers a range of equipment suitable for varying sizes of bottling plants.

For the PET market, Norland offers a range of systems, from the SpectraPak™ 3000 that produces up to 50 bottles a minute to the SpectraPak™ 5000 that produces up to 80 bottles a minute, from washing and filling through capping and labeling.

The company's line of blowmolders, including the Freedom 4500, which can produce up to 4500 PET bottles an hour, are designed to help bottlers control costs by eliminating the cost of purchasing and shipping pre-made bottles.

Norland's staff of consultants helps customers select the right equipment to match their current business levels and projected rates of growth.

Entrepreneurs interested in entering the bottled water market should visit Norland International online at, to learn about the company's diverse line of product offerings and track record of success worldwide.