Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bottled Water Tip # 1

Private Label Bottled Water

A profitable niche in the fast-growing bottled water industry is private label bottled water. A perfect promotional item, private label bottled water is used by schools, churches, restaurants, businesses and in special events of all kinds to generate name recognition, raise funds and often just for fun.

Small bottlers can provide any number of local businesses with a service and product typically not of interest by large bottled water companies. Who should consider getting into the private labeling business? Three examples are:

• Entrepreneurs already in the bottled water business-this new market provides an obvious opportunity at product line extension for those who already know the bottled water industry.
• Those in other water-related businesses such as water treatment services.
• Anyone looking for a promising and lucrative new business venture.

In the first two categories, the reason is clear. As a logical product line extension of your existing business, you already have your feet in the door of many prospects and your name and reputation have already been established.

For those who have no experience with the bottled water industry, the good news is that getting started isn’t complicated with Norland International’s help. Norland is a trusted and well recognized world-class provider of small-to-medium sized turnkey bottled water treatment and packaging systems. Along with your vision, strong entrepreneurial drive and creative mind, you will soon find new ways for potential customers to use private label bottled water as a promotional tool.