Monday, December 20, 2010

Alkaline Ionized Enhanced Bottled Water Store

"Alkaline Ionized Enhanced Bottled Water Store"

The Concept

As the bottled water market continues to grow and become more competitive many savvy investors are looking for ways to enter the booming "enhance bottled water" market to reap substantial profits. In short, enhanced waters can deliver profits of well over 200% above purified or spring water products.

The concept of the "Alkaline Ionized Enhanced Bottled Water Store" is to offer a premium, bottled water for either home or office delivery and to allow for over the counter or automated 24 hour service of 3 or 5 gallon bottles.

Norland Int'l. Inc. personnel have over 50 years of combined experience in the water treatment industry. Throughout this time Norland’s staff has been involved in the design, manufacture, installation and start-up of high production bottled water plants and many lower production walk-in-water-stores.

With that in mind, we are pleased to offer you this Proposal for an "Alkaline Ionized Enhanced Bottled Water Store" to be installed in or near your location. This system will be designed based upon the information you provide us with regards to a water analysis, building dimensions, water temperature and electrical specification. The system utilizes state-of-the-art technology and high quality materials. Workmanship is guaranteed for a period of one year from date of shipment. Specific warranty language is available upon request. For your evaluation purposes, please consider the following equipment and investment for your facility.

Equipment needed to start an "Alkaline Ionized Enhanced Bottled Water Store" will range from $50,000.00 and up depending on production numbers required. Location of your Enhanced Water Store, start-up materials needed (3 & 5 gallon containers, Caps, Labels, and other miscellaneous items), Personnel, and other general business start-up cost will need to be determined for each specific Enhanced Water Store.

Enhanced Beverage Market Overview

Statistics reveal that Wellness/Enhanced beverages are the fastest growing segment in the beverage industry over the past 5 years. This segment is on track to account for more than 85% of incremental beverage sales in the next decade.
The better-for-you enhanced beverage category is making tremendous headway with consumers according to Euromonitor International. Approximately $40 billion in beverages were sold in the better-for-you functional beverage category in 2005, with that number expected to grow to more than $53 Billion in 2010 in the United States alone.

"Americans have a growing interest in beverages that do more than just taste good and refresh," said John Sicher, editor of Beverage Digest. The idea of a beverages function to merely quench thirst is a thing of the past as beverages are the ideal delivery system for dietary supplements and nutraceuticals targeting a variety of health and wellness conditions. Consumers are not only more willing to experiment with beverage products than with food products but they are willing to pay a premium price", says Sicher.

According to Frost and Sullivan Research Services, "Enhanced waters are considered a favorable extension to regular bottled water; they include oxygen-enriched, vitamin-enriched, and flavored waters. The enhanced water market is expected to be the most dynamic segment of the industry in future. It is highly profitable, there is potential for unparalleled growth".

Consumers know their health is important. Drinks with added health benefits are becoming the most popular globally as consumers increasingly desire beverages that claim to enhance their health and wellness.

As you learn more about Norland's approach, you'll not only be offering a product that is truly a new dimension in bottled water, but you'll be able to attract a substantial share of the market due to the benefits that the product will provide.

With that in mind, we are pleased to offer you this Proposal for an "Alkaline Ionized Enhanced Bottled Water Store" to be installed in or near your location.

Operation Guidelines

A successful "Alkaline Ionized Enhanced Bottled Water Store" has certain key operation guidelines of which the business is based. Every individual store operator will have different ideas as to what merchandise they will carry or how the store will operate. In some cases, prevailing local water conditions may dictate to some extent the type of equipment and service provided by your store. In all cases however, the following list of equipment has proven to be successful when setting up a full service "Alkaline Ionized Enhanced Bottled Water Store".

• A completely automated water treatment and sterilization system capable of dispensing high quality Alkaline Ionized water to customers on a high volume, low cost basis.

• A product line of POU (Point of Use) water coolers for hygienic water dispensing for residential, office, light commercial use.

• An ice machine capable of dispensing Alkaline Ionized pure ice cubes and blocks.

• A product line of water accessories items including replacement filters, dispensers, coolers, bottles and caps.

• The capability of providing limited in-house water testing and analysis. Testing criteria should include hardness, TDS, Sodium, pH, Iron, Chlorine and nitrates.

• An office or work area. Office items should include a desk, files, product brochures, photocopier, and other general office materials.

• A shop area set up for the store's water treatment system, storage for inventory and small parts and a work area for equipment assembly and repair.

• A walk-in water store dispenser system to allow for on-sight self service for filling of customer's bottles.

• A 24 hour coin operated vending service for all day water service.

By incorporating the above list of items and determined, hard work, your "Alkaline Ionized Enhanced Bottled Water Store" will be a successful venture.

Location and Size

The location of your "Alkaline Ionized Enhanced Bottled Water Store" is very important when establishing your business. Optimum locations include busy outdoor shopping centers near grocery, health food, or drug store chains. These areas usually provide service to a regular local clientele but are also accessible to major intersections and traffic patterns. Make sure parking is available near the store to assure that the customer can easily get in and out of the store.

The overall size of the store should be in the vicinity of 900 to 1500 sq. ft. range. This will allow enough room to serve all functions required of the Retail Purified Water Store.

Profit Centers

There are four key profit centers for your "Alkaline Ionized Enhanced Bottled Water Store".

1. Recurring alkaline / ionized water and ice sales.

2. POU cooler sales.

3. Water accessory sales.

4. Replacement parts / warranty work.

The initial and reoccurring bottled water and purified ice sales are the economic foundation for all water stores. It gets the customer in the store and will create the opportunity for additional sales of equipment and accessories. In most cases the reoccurring water and ice sales by themselves provide enough income to make your store highly profitable. In some water stores the volume of ice sold can actually meet or exceed the volume of water sold. In some cases, an ice route will automatically be established to furnish pure ice to smaller food service and convenience store operations or for delivery in emergency situations where a local company's ice-maker may have broken down.


As with any successful business proper market evaluation and advertising directions will be key to your successful startup and continued operation of the "Alkaline Ionized Enhanced Bottled Water Store".

In our fast moving society, many forms of advertising are available and as with all new businesses some form of advertising will be required. Advertising strategies may include radio, local TV, newspaper, flyers, direct mail, home trade shows, in-house product parties just to name a few. Yellow pages ads are a must for any new retail store and will give you excellent expose to your local community. Through time, word of mouth and referrals will become more prominent as an advertising means.

All "Alkaline Ionized Enhanced Bottled Water Store" will need to have a visible and prominent company sign at the building front to attract customers. One very important tip to remember is that you are not only selling water and ice, but you are also selling health. Not necessarily by using health claims, but to the average customer, Purified Water infers health. That being the case, you should keep your image as close to perfect as possible. All negative forms of advertising should be eliminated. Any connection with cigarettes, alcohol or other "unhealthy" habits should be expressly avoided. Finally, be sure to monitor the success of all forms of advertising used. Carefully evaluate and continue using the types that have proven to be the most successful.

The "Alkaline Ionized Enhanced Bottled Water Store" is destined to be the wave of the future for water treatment professionals. The versatility to run a retail store operation and direct sales and service program from the same facility makes this a secure and solid investment on which to build your water treatment business.

Norland Int'l. Inc. can provide you with assistance in marketing, engineering, technical consulting, factory service and business management support staff to help you become successful quickly. For more information contact us today to get your share of this exploding industry.