Monday, June 29, 2009

Propel streamlines bottle, message

PepsiCo has introduced lighter-weight, eco-friendly packaging in a new bottle for Propel fitness water.

Supporting PepsiCo's continued leadership in sustainability, Propel utilizes 33% less plastic than the previous 500-mL bottle and 30% less label material. The new packaging easily can be produced with both the new cold-fill technology developed for manufacturing, primarily in the U.S., and also the conventional hot-fill system often used internationally.

The Propel bottle's design elements not only convey the brand image but also allow a look and feel of greater rigidity to a bottle with thinner walls. To appeal more to the brand's core female consumer, the bottle was redesigned with a smaller opening.

"Using dynamic, uplifting-form elements throughout the bottle, we reinforced a theme of water in motion with a sense of energy reflecting the Propel brand," says Stuart Leslie, 4sight president. "We created swooping lines of varying thicknesses in an uplifting visual motion that travel from the lower left to the upper right in the midsection."

Another advantage of the design is how it enhances the grip. The groove under the label and pinched sides at the lower third area of the bottle give the consumer a sense of security while drinking the beverage during exercising or walking.

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