Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Water Company Uses Profits To Drill Wells In Africa

While profits are drying up for some companies in the ailing economy, one local company is keeping the money flowing in steadily by selling bottled water.
A company based out of Clemmons sells Zao Water. Zao is a Greek word meaning "to live," and it's giving life to the people in countries throughout Africa.
Women carrying huge buckets of water back and forth from their homes are a way of life in Africa.
"They're drinking very polluted water, lots of drugs, moss growing on top of it," said Matt Peterson, of Zao Water.

Peterson said he wanted to help bring clean water to the people, so he started the company.
The company sells bottled water and then uses any profits to drill wells in Africa.
"There are millions and millions of people who are walking on top of water, they just don't know how to get to it," Peterson said. "So, because the needs are the greatest there, that's where we started."

Zao Water can be found at a few local stores. Peterson said he believes people buying the product understand that the water isn't about corporate profits, but more a grassroots effort to help the needy.

"It's helpful when people see the cause, when they see the profits are going to help someone on the other side of the world," Peterson said.
So far, the company has sold enough bottles to pay for 60 wells. The staff has even bigger dreams for the future.

"We want to grow a lot, to send tens of millions of dollars from this business over to Africa," Peterson said.

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